Leaders In Odour Assessment,
Air Quality & Energy Management
for the Cannabis Industry Across Canada


Air Quality Permitting Services

Air quality and related permitting regulations in Ontario and the rest of Canada have not been well established for the Cannabis industry but that should not stop the industry from moving forward on anticipated air quality concerns such as odour issues.      ORTECH offers a variety of solutions to assist Cannabis producers once the regulations are known, such as: 

  • Air Quality Permitting, and
  • Land Use Planning support.

Cannabis Odour Assessment Services

Do you have odour issues or odour complaints?  ORTECH has been helping clients fix odour problems for over 40 years.  ORTECH uses a formal approach: Identify-Analyze-Solve.

We offer the following services to the Licensed Producers of Cannabis in Canada:

  • Expert advice for assessing odour issues,
  • Odour control solutions,
  • Terpene Analysis,
  • Complaint Management, and
  • Odour Equipment Performance Testing



Energy Management Services

The cost of electricity is a concern and large expense for most operations in the Canadian Cannabis market.  ORTECH and its sister divisions can offer a wide range of solutions to reduce and offset electricity and natural gas costs.  ORTECH offers the following services: 

  1. Energy Audits,

  2. Solar Net Metering,

  3. Energy Storage Solutions, and

  4. Energy Retrofit and Replacement services.