Cannabis Odour Control Solutions

If you have odour issues from your Cannabis operations and you would like to investigate odour control solutions, we are here to help.  ORTECH understands odours.  We have been offering assessment services for over 40 years. We have the ability to understand and source odours in some of the most odourous industries in Canada, like compost facilities, landfills, rendering plants and food manufacturers. From sampling to analysis and reporting, to providing a fully sanctioned odour lab, ORTECH can assist you.  This now being extended to the growing Cannabis market in Canada, and now, ORTECH also offers industrial odour control solutions.  We do not just represent one solution but many.

Here are the various components we consider for a total odour control solution:

  • Permitting for air, water, waste, noise, safety from the MOECC, municipalities etc.

  • Potential grants and subsidies for the work

  • Obtaining basic information, such as flow rates, temperatures and emission rates for sizing equipment

  • Determining which control equipment will give the required performance

  • Selecting suppliers of this control equipment

  • Selecting suppliers of services such as excavation, foundations, water, electrical, instrumentation, installation etc

  • Selecting the location of the equipment and any associated buildings within a facility

  • Determining total installation costs

  • Determining operating and maintenance costs

  • Managing the detailed design of the control equipment and auxiliary equipment

  • Site management during construction

  • Training equipment operators

  • Performance testing of the equipment

These solutions will just extend our odour services including

  1. Carbon Air Filters,

  2. Odour Masking and Neutralizers,

  3. Ozone Generators, and

  4. Biofilters.

Carbon Air Filters

Carbon filters use activated carbon to remove odourous compounds, by chemical adsorption.  Due to its porousity, activated carbon has a very large surface area on which the adsorption occurs.

Benefits of Carbon Filters:

  • Can remove most vapour contaminants,

  • Can remove volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds,

  • Can function under a range of temperatures and humidity.

Odour Masking and Neutralizers:

Odour masking agents are applied directly into the air and will cover up a smell with a less offensive odour. Odour neutralizers such as gels and oils are applied in a similar fashion and bind with the odourous compounds and neutralize them.

Benefits of Masking and Neutralizers:

  1. Low cost

  2. Easily installed

Ozone Generators: 

Ozone generators create ozone which is a highliy reactive molecule. Ozone quickly oxidizes the molecules, bacteria, and spores that create odourous compounds.

Benefits of Ozone:

1.       Relatively compact system

2.       No consumables or waste

3.       Low maintenance

Biological Scrubbers: 

Biological scrubbers treat odourous compounds by passing them through a media containing micro-organisms. These micro-organisms consume and effectively eliminate certain odourous compounds. 

Benefits of Biological Scrubbers:

  1. Low maintenance

  2. Little waste compared to other solutions

Overall, ORTECH will assess your situation and then develop the correct odour control solution for your needs.


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