As an integrated, full-service offering, ORTECH employs the following approach to engage our clients:

  1. We listen; it is at the core of our business. We determine the issue or problem and figure out how to fix it, keeping in mind the client's needs.
  2. Our approach is to mirror our client's sense of urgency and provide realistic solutions that make business sense.
  3. Communication:  Commitment to being on top of any project we are entrusted to complete. Our goal is to “never have a client call/email for a project update”.

About Us

ORTECH Consulting Inc., (“ORTECH”) a division of Kontrol Energy, has been assessing and solving air quality related problems for commercial / industrial facilities for over 40+ years.  With the emergence of the Licensed Producers (“LP”) of Cannabis across Canada, ORTECH can use our experience to help this industry.  We provide various services that will solve difficult issues like permitting, odour control, and the cost of energy. 


Our Partners

With the Kontrol Energy family of services, ORTECH has integrated our air quality experience and knowledge within the energy management expertise of Kontrol Technologies and Efficiency Engineering.


A technology provider of energy management and energy efficiency solutions including commissioning and operations of mechanical solutions like HVAC, Lighting, Boilers, Smart Thermostats, and controls.


An engineering design firm concentrating on energy efficiency consulting services like energy audits, design services and implementation support.