Cannabis Land Use Planning Services

Zoning and Land Use Support for Licensed Producers of Cannabis:

For new Licensed Producers (“LP”) of Cannabis, siting a parcel of land and getting approval can be a difficult task. There are so many hurdles and challenges.   ORTECH feels a little proactive approach is prudent.  If you are prepared for land use planning or zoning meetings, the municipal staff see this in a positive light.

ORTECH recommends some of the following activities for LP executives looking to improve their chance of an positive outcome with land use applications or rezoning applications such as:

  • Air Quality Assessment: What is the air quality going to be after the operation has started?

  • Odour Impact Assessment: What are the odours and where are they travelling to?

  • Dispersion Model: Understanding where odours, emissions, pollen, particulate matter travels from your operations is very helpful in providing information to planning and zoning staff at the local municipality.

  • Dust or Pollen or Particulate matter: This is important as nuisances can cause an LP operator issues with the zoning committees and by-law enforcers. It is recommended to have a report on release and dispersion upfront.

  • Noise Assessment: Assessment noise and vibrations from your operations.

While the regulations for Air Quality are being developed, these activities can be reused over and over again at different levels of government and community outreach.

ORTECH can provide professional assistance on compliance regulations such as:

  1. Siting assessments (Air Quality Assessment)

  2. Odour assessments,

  3. Dust assessments,

  4. Expert witness or Tribunal support, and

  5. Much more.


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