Cannabis Odour Assessment Services

ORTECH's odour division can assist the Cannabis Licensed Producers (”LP”) with:

  • Experienced advice related to a multitude of odour issues,

  • Dealing with complaints and solving the problem,

  • Offering odour solutions that make sense to LP owners, and

  • Our approach to odours: Assess-Analyze-Fix, correctly, the first time.

ORTECH has been assisting our clients with odour issues for over 40 years.  Our services cover odour sampling, modelling, analysis and reporting.  We also offer expert witness and support services. 

Odour Sampling


If you have an odour issue caused by your operations or need to sample in and around your Cannabis facility, ORTECH has the experience to support you.  ORTECH can help LPs with odour sampling. A wide range of industrial activities are prone to “nuisance” odours which may impact the neighbouring community or pose an on-site problem. This is no different for LPs, maybe even more so due to the attention the Cannabis industry is getting from the press, local Governments and community groups. 

ORTECH has been providing odour assessment services for over 40 years to the industrial sector such as chemical, petroleum, automotive, food, agricultural and general manufacturing and the government sector, such as wastewater treatment plants and landfill sites. Our sampling solutions are ideally suited to the Cannabis industry.   

A portable version of ORTECH’s olfactometer can be used for projects involving evaluation in the field. The system can also be used for screening and training of potential Cannabis operations staff.  Also, odour evaluations are supported by ORTECH’s fixed laboratories including gas chromatography for applications such as terpene or sulphur compound speciation.


Odour Panel Evaluation

ORTECH houses a state of the art permanent odour evaluation facility which features fixed panellist stalls, a high air exchange rate and an air supply =filtered to remove potentially odorous background organics. Standard protocols for operation and evaluation are adapted from international procedures. The facility is recognized and accepted by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. Within our facility, a dynamic dilution olfactometer system presents diluted air samples to an eight-person panel simultaneously. Dilution levels are sequentially reduced until all panelists can detect an odour. The panelists’ responses throughout the test are then used to calculate the odour detection threshold value (ODTV) of the original sample.


Odour Dispersion Modelling and Odour Prediction


To better evaluate the odour potential of LP facilities, ORTECH uses advanced dispersion models such as AERMOD and CALPUFF. These models predict the maximum fenceline and off-property odour concentrations, plotted on maps of the surrounding area. From this, areas of complaints can be charted and interrelated with the dispersion models.


Community Odour Surveys


One way to engage your neighbours or the general community surrounding your facility is with surveys. This indicates a proactive approach to managing issues.  When emissions contribute to odour complaints, ORTECH’s staff are sent to conduct surveys throughout the community. Our staff record all aspects of the odours. The survey data can be interpreted to assess the potential sources and impact of the odours.

Odour Control Equipment Performance Testing

If you would like to enlist an independent consultant to determine if your new odour control equipment is adequate and working correctly, ORTECH can assist.  Our approach using Ministry approved odour sampling methods can confirm the effectiveness of the solution. 

Additionally, we can assist in selecting the appropriate control based on your facilities operations, and work with vendors to ensure you get the best results.


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