cannabis Odour Impact Assessment


Cannabis Licensed Producers (“LP”) in Canada are growing at a rapid rate.  These new LPs are scouting locations to set up new operations or expand existing ones. Determining the odour impact of new location regarding odours is a prudent approach to siting a location. ORTECH can help.

Assessing the odour impacts is a complicated task, and there are various methods. ORTECH has created, over the years,  a methodology to assist including:

  • modelling studies:

  • sampling,

  • monitoring and profiling, and

  • complaints.

During the design of a facility or a newly built Cannabis operation, ORTECH can establish the impact of odours regarding your Cannabis operation. 

The Odour Impact Assessment draws on a number of data points.  We review the odour sources, building design, the odours influence on the community, weather patterns, typography/zoning, how the odours move (dispersion models), and other variables.

The report will outline the impacts with maps illustrating the distance the odours may travel. 

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